Amy Laugesen

Dawn, the sculpture located on permanent display in the median at 6th Avenue and Roslyn Street in the Lowry development area, was created in the spring of 2002 as part of the touring public art exhibition titled “New Urbanism” sponsored by the Museum of Outdoor Arts and the Lowry Foundation. The artwork is constructed out of concrete and steel.

Two of the horses gallop east, as one flies west toward the Rocky Mountains which visibly rise as a majestic backdrop in that direction.

The three horses that make up the artwork respond to the east and west bound traffic flow on 6th avenue and the history of Lowry Air Force Base.  The artwork symbolizes the constant motion of the rising and setting sun that brings forth the “Dawn” of a new day.

Dawn has remained on 6th avenue well past the New Urbanism Exhibition.  In December of 2005, the Laugesen Family gifted Dawn to the Lowry community in loving memory of Sonja De Vries. 

Sonja De Vries, a close family friend, was killed by an intoxicated driver at the intersection of Alameda and Holly on July 18, 2004.  Sonja was 19 years old.  Sonja is survived by her parents, Carolyn and Van De Vries. They live close-by in Denver, Colorado.


Concrete & Steel

H. 7’ x W. 16.9” x D. 6”

Lowry, Colorado

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